Any of the following can be used as the verchew configuration filename:

  • .verchew.ini
  • verchew.ini
  • .verchew
  • .verchewrc

Version Arguments

If one of your system dependencies using an argument other than --version to display its version information, this can be changed in the configuration file using the cli_version_arg setting:


cli = dot
cli_version_arg = -V
version = 2

If the program lacks a specific argument to display its version, but contains version information in the default output, include an empty cli_version_arg setting:


cli = 7z
cli_version_arg = 
version = 16

Multiple Versions

If your project can use multiple versions of a system dependency, use the versions setting and separate versions with the pipe character (|):


cli = python
versions = Python 2 | Python 3

Optional Programs

If one of your system dependencies is optional and you only want to show a warning for incompatible versions, include the optional setting:

[Terminal Notifier]

cli = terminal-notifier
version = 1.8
optional = true

Help Messages

To provide additional information when a system dependency is missing, include the message setting:


cli = git
version = 2
message = Version 2.x is required to get the new push behavior.