Normally, verchew is installed using pip, but given the variety of environments in which this program is run, you might be in a situation where pip:

  • is not installed
  • does not have the correct permissions to install verchew
  • does not have network access to PyPI

For this reason, verchew can also be embedded into your project as a standalone Python script.



Create a bin/ directory in your project:

$ mkdir -p bin

Download the standalone script:

$ wget
$ mv bin/verchew

Ensure the script has executable permissions:

$ chmod a+x bin/verchew


If you already have verchew installed, it can download itself:

$ verchew --vendor bin/verchew

This will also create a verchew-wrapper script, which attempts to locate python on operating systems not compliant with PEP 394, such as newer versions of macOS.


To check the versions of your system dependencies simply run:

$ bin/verchew

An example of a project configured this way can be found here.