Configuration Filenames

Any of the following can be used as the verchew configuration filename:

  • .verchew.ini
  • verchew.ini
  • .verchew
  • .verchewrc

Custom Project Root

To call verchew from an arbitrary directory, pass it the path to the root of your project:

$ verchew --root=<path/to/project>

Configuration Generation

In a new project, a sample configuration file can be generated:

$ verchew --init

Custom Version Arguments

If one of your system dependencies using an argument other than --version to display its version information, this can be changed in the configuration file using the cli_version_arg setting:


cli = dot
cli_version_arg = -V

version = 2.

Exit Codes

When verchew runs, it will always return an exit code of 0 to avoid interrupting continuous integration. To force a non-zero exit code on failure, use the --exit-code option:

$ verchew --exit-code